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  • South car motor lead China"s high-speed rail into permanent magnet driven era

    Time:2016/11/3 14:02:18

  • CSR zhuzhou electric co., LTD., announced yesterday, after more than a month of severe test, with zhejiang university jointly developed by TQ - 600 type permanent magnet synchronous traction motor under the condition of a series of rigorous testing shows the good ability of resistance to demagnetization ", became the first country through the national authentication of high-speed permanent magnet traction motor.
    TQ - 600 type permanent magnet synchronous traction motors with completely independent intellectual property rights, was listed in national 863 project "of high speed railway major key project" research on the key technology and equipment, will be in early 2014, take the lead in serving equipment has a large number of 350 km/h. Which will further improve our country's high-speed rail in energy-saving and emission reduction, safety, comfort aspects of competitive advantage, also marks the high speed rail in China has broken international technological monopoly, successfully entered the permanent magnet drive time.
    According to the company director designer He Yunfeng, TQ - 600 type permanent magnet synchronous traction motors adopt new rare earth permanent magnet material in the world, the coercive force up to 381 h, magnets have good stability, strong resistance to demagnetization. When testing the temperature reached 180 ℃, the permanent magnet irreversible loss less than 5%. Through the finite element simulation analysis, the permanent magnet can completely satisfy the requirements of electrical resistance to demagnetization. Under the condition of various operation limit, also won't produce permanent magnet demagnetization phenomenon, to ensure the reliability of the motor performance.
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