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Our company is specialized in the production of computer tankers special explosion-proof dual flow electromagnetic valve is a professional company. Production by the MSF and DSF double flow solenoid valve, a good reputation by domestic and foreign various professional tanker size manufacturers designated use and appreciation.
Has a by the exquisite technology, our company has many years of rich manufacturing experience of engineers, production team, controls each manufacturing and detail, and the purpose of the research and development and production of various kinds of electromagnetic valve for you, from the beginning, we by the high level as a starting point, no matter from the raw material or processing detection means with the foundation of the best, the most advanced. In order to better meet the requirements of users, social business, in order to provide better performance, better quality of tankers solenoid valve, we founded the million last year after the assets reorganization and consolidation of constant company. Successively invested heavily technical renovation added advanced fully automatic processing equipment and testing instruments, “ Begins with the requirements of customers, and finally customer satisfaction ” Is our philosophy, we will with constant the company's new look, for your choice.
Pleaded with the vast number of old and new users to be able to continue to support and help, to realize double surplus, create brilliant.

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