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  • Automation union experts invited to participate in the Shanghai science and technology of China international seminar intelligent industrial solutions

    Time:2016/11/3 14:00:23

  • The first SISS Shanghai international seminar on intelligent industrial solutions in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall successfully concluded on June 29. Activities by the Frankfurt exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD. And Shanghai pudong international exhibition company sponsored the Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD., guangzhou, and the German game high Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD., focusing on "wisdom industrial solutions, industrial automation experts and gathered around the world, for China's intelligent manufacturing in this paper, the intelligent manufacturing, virtual technology and related resources technology development and the important industry.
    Two days of activity attracted from six countries a total of 212 inline planning manager, policy makers and engineers. In addition, a total of 17 from many leading companies and famous universities and institutions of a guest speaker, is "virtual world" and "intelligent manufacturing and resource management" two big category has made an in-depth discussion, they were from ABB, bei Calais industrial automation, cisco, China science and technology, automation union, appropriate division, EPLAN, IBM, wisdom of cloud services, OPC China association of science and technology, phoenix electric, PIChina, PLCopen, rockwell automation and Sercos international association, Shanghai see bo automation, poetry, business consulting and the university of Cincinnati.
    Automation union electronic science and technology of China manufacturing industry technical director chun-guang liu was invited to attend the meeting, liu at the meeting this paper introduces the recent launch of the China science and technology, automation of flexible electronics manufacturing factory solution wisdom. Flexible electronics manufacturing factory solution wisdom, is for the product of high integration, digital electronic information products manufacturing industry design; Is composed of multiple flexible manufacturing system, to adapt to many varieties, small batch production, highly flexible, highly automated features; Comply with wisdom factory 1.0 model framework, the realization of the physical equipment horizontal networking integrated vertical integration, data, information, product life cycle and enterprise value chain integrated digital intelligent manufacturing factory offer package to the wisdom.
    Union since factory concept is put forward for the first time in 2012 wisdom, constantly deepening development, to its user actual demand, and by understanding the electronic manufacturing industry inside and outside the joint alliance partners, make industry solutions, power electronics manufacturing factory to wisdom.
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